Spitfire MK XIV, G-SXIV

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Spitfire MK XIV, G-SXIV

The Mk XIV was the most important of the Griffon powered Spitfires, and the only one to see significant wartime service.

This one was delivered to the Royal Air Force in January 1945 and assigned to the Canadian No 430 Squadron based at Eindhoven in Holland where it flew with the G9-X code.  Enlisted in the Second Tactical Air Force, RM927 is one of the few Griffon-powered Spitfires to have been engaged on the European front in combat and reconnaissance missions. On 9 March 1945, while being flown by Flight Lieutenant Stevens, RM927 was damaged by flak just behind the cockpit, resulting in its withdrawal from the front.
Stored, it was sold in November 1947 to the Belgian Air Force where it received the serial SG-25 and the code 3R-D. Used by the young pilots of Koksijde, it was repainted some time later in metal grey with the codes IQ-W. Accidentally damaged in 1952, RM927 was grounded and stored before finally being retired in 1954.
The aircraft then went from workshop to workshop, without its restoration ever finished.
RM927 was finally acquired by the French W Air Collection in late 2020. After a very brief stay in France, the Spitfire Mk XIV arrived at Richard Grace’s workshop in Sywell in early 2021 and changed its registration to G-SXIV.
It eventually arrived in France, flown by Richard Grace himself, early August 2022.

Its participation to Paris Villaroche AIR LEGEND 2022 is therefore its first appearance ever in an airshow.

Pilot: Brice Ohayon
Manufacturing date: 1944
Serial number: 6S-381758
Livery: RAF No 430 Squadron (Canadian)