Credit: Eirik Østensjø

The flying program

Registration: G-SHWN

Base: Goodwood

Owner: Norwegian Spitfire Foundation

Considered one of the best hunters of the Second World War, the P-51D Mustang was developed to meet the urgent need of British, during the Battle of England.

The P-51D Mustang is the device that offered air superiority to the US air force on all the propeller fighters of the Luftwaffe, as on all those of the Japanese imperial armies.

The total production of the Mustang stands at nearly 15700 copies of all types.


On 7 and 8 September, in the sky of Melun-Villaroche, you will not see 1 or 2,... but a squadron of Mustang fighters!!!

"The Shark" was built by the North American Aviation in July 1945. It served in the USAAF and in the Canadian Air Force between 1951 and 1959.

After its military career, the aircraft made appearances in various films ("Memphis Belle" for example!).

The "Shark", presented today by the Norwegian Spitfire Foundation is powered by a Merlin V-12 of 1700 HP and can reach 700 km/h.