Credit: Jean-Pierre TOUZEAU

The flying program

Registration: F-AZLT


The Morane-Saulnier MS.760A Paris n°32 is the only one in flight condition in France to date. Formerly a Naval Aircraft, it was one of the last eight Paris aircraft in service and was withdrawn from service in October 1997 (it was then part of the 57.S squadron's equipment). It was at this time that the association "Armor Aero Passion" initiated the steps to recover this aircraft.

The demilitarization and asbestos removal of the aircraft was a necessary prerequisite for its transfer. It was only in October 2001 that Armor Aero Passion's purchase of the n°32 was made official.

He flew again in May 2003, registered F-AZLT. 

While a handful of MS.760s are still in flight in the world (mainly in the USA), the n°32 is the only one to fly in France, its country of origin. As such, it holds a very important place in the French aviation heritage.