Yak 3, F-AZZK

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Yak 3, F-AZZK


This Yak was originally built by Alain Capel, in La Ferte-Alais, as a Yak 11.

In 2005, it was transformed into a Yak 3U (replica #003), becoming a single-seater equipped with a Pratt and Whitney R2000 engine. Without having flown, it was transported to the United States, and returned to Europe two years later.

After a stop with FAST Aero and its first flight on August 28, 2008, in the hands of Frederic Vormezeele, it was acquired by Dutchman Rick Van der Graaf, who now presents it at airshows across Europe.

Type d'avion : Chasseur
Immatriculation : F-AZZK
Opérateur : Yak Association NL
Pilote : Rick Van der Graaf
Date de fabrication : 2008
Numéro de série : 003
Livrée : Soviet AF