Yak 3, F-AZOS

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Yak 3, F-AZOS

The F-AZOS is a reconstruction of a YAK 3 VK107, in the colours of pilot Marcel Albert, the most successful pilot of the Normandy Niemen Squadron, who was present throughout the campaign, from the creation of the group in December 1942 until the end of the war.
He returned to France with his YAK 3 offered by Stalin.

Michel, its owner and presenter, was born in Haute Volta, in the Sahel, where he contemplated the vultures gliding without getting tired, mastering the convection of the hot air.
After training as a pilot in Merville and St Yan, he began his career in Africa as a bush pilot (Burkina, Senegal, Mali, CAR, Chad).
Business aviation pilot in France and then in an airline, he has accumulated more than 19,600 hours of flight time since his selection in Burkina D112.

Type d'avion : Chasseur
Immatriculation : F-AZOS
Pilote : Michel Defaye
Livrée : Normandie Niemen