Tranchant formation

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Tranchant formation

To share his passion for aviation and flying, Benjamin TRANCHANT set up France’s only private aerobatics jet formation, the Patrouille TRANCHANT, in 2004.

Based today in RENNES, this formation on the Fouga Magister CM-170 is made up of experienced and highly-trained pilots, a full-time maintenance team and an administrative department.

Sensations, pleasure, emotions! Whether solo or in a five-plane formation, every one of its appearances is a high-flying show, with acrobatic figures that are perfectly calculated, controlled and synchronised.

A true aerial sport, aerobatics is an activity that is almost as old as aviation itself, perfectly codified, with listed figures, that a solid, progressive training programme allows you to practise in complete safety.

Improvisation is out of the question in aerobatics, and this contributes to a high level of safety. In order to perfect their aerial choreography, our pilots need hours of intense training. After being designed and meticulously analysed on the ground, each figure is then performed in flight.

Operator: Patrouille Tranchant