Skyraider F-AZHK Sandy

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Skyraider F-AZHK Sandy

Skyraider Sandy © Xavier Méal
Skyraider Sandy © Xavier Méal

The Douglas Skyraider remained in active service in the US and Vietnam until 1972.
It is the largest and most powerful single-engine propeller-driven fighter bomber ever built, and holds the longevity record for such an aircraft.

This Skyraider was built in 1951 in El Secundo, California.
It served until 1958 in the US NAVY.
Bought by France in 1960 to serve in Algeria as a replacement for the P-47s, it was then sold to Gabon in 1972.
It was then repatriated to France in 1992.

Empty weight: 6 tonnes;
Maximum weight: 11.7 tonnes;
Powerplant: 2800 hp up to 3050 hp with water injection.
Maximum speed: 410 kt (740 km / h).
Minimum speed: 85 kt (160 km / h).
Payload: 5 tonnes of various loads, ie 1.5 times the load of a Boeing B17 bomber.
Embarked on aircraft carriers.

Attack and bombardment, support and rescue for ground troops;
This aircraft has been the property of Christophe BRUNELIERE since 2009.
Currently wearing the livery of a Skyraider of the 1st SOS (Special Operations Squadron), 56th Special Operations Wing.
Radio call sign: “SANDY”

Simulated attacks on a target on the ground, the type of mission assigned to this aircraft.

Operator: Association Vega
Pilot: Christophe Brunelière
Manufacturing date: 1951
Livery: 1st SOS (Special Operations Squadron), 56th Special Operations Wing