Formation Quijote

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Formation Quijote

In 1965 Cessna introduced the model 337 Super Skymaster. This aircraft was bigger and more powerful than the original Skymaster, also adding retractable landing gear and a dorsal vent to improve cooling in the back engine. Later in 1967 the turbocharged T337 was introduced followed by the pressurized version T337G in 1972.
Cessna stoped the production of the Skymaster in 1982, but was continued in France under the Reims brand. Making both the FTB337 STOL and the military version FTMA Milirole. Reims assembled 94 Skymasters of both versions.
During the Vietnam war, the US Airforce used the military version of the 337 as a replacement of the O-1 Birdog and was denominated O-2, 513 units were built.

This particular pair of Skymasters are part of the FTB337G Milirole sold to the Portuguese Air Force and were converted to serve as counter-insurgency airplanes, with 4 hardpoints that could carry a combination of machine gun pods, rocket launchers and light bombs.
Some of them were later equipped with cameras and converted to a reconnaissance role.

Immatriculation : EC-MYM and EC-IPL
Opérateur : Fundación Aeronáutica Antonio Quintana
Pilote : Jose Luis Olias Sánchez and his father, Jose Luis Olias Arce