Patrouille Cap 10 Marine

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Patrouille Cap 10 Marine

Escadrille 50S, based at Lanveoc-Poulmic, is the first port of call for all future naval aviation pilots, whether they are recruited under the EOPAN [Naval Aviation Pilot Officer Cadets] scheme or the Naval Academy.

In fact, one of the tasks of this unit is to pre-select around fifty civilian candidates [as well as their incorporation and military training] and to assess the student officers of the Naval Academy destined to be commissioned in naval aviation.

To do this, the 50S has CAP 10M training aircraft, acquired in the 1980s from the manufacturer Mudry, which has since disappeared, its activities having been taken over by Robin Aircraft, based in Darois [Côte d’Or].

Livery: Marine Nationale