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The T-6, a two-seater advanced trainer, is the descendant of a family of training aircraft produced by North American.
Produced in more than 15,000 copies, it trained most of the future pilots of all Allied air forces during and after the war, being used by some countries in this role until the 1970s.
France also used it in an armed version in Algeria for anti-guerrilla missions against the FLN.
France’s Flying Warbirds’ T-6 F-AZCV was built in 1951, delivered to the USAAF in 1952 and transferred to France under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program in 1957.
It fought in Algeria until November 1961, was delivered to Spain in the mid-1960s and finally acquired again by the French in 1983.

In 2016, Pierre Edouard Roussat, grandson of second lieutenant Bernard Novat who was one of the pilots of T-6 51-14456 in Algeria, provided information to its operator France flying Warbirds, which helped to enrich the history of this plane while on duty for France.

Type d'avion : Trainer
Immatriculation : F-AZCV
Opérateur : France Flying Warbirds
Numéro de série : 182-152
Livrée : Armée de l'Air