Morane-Saulnier MS 760 “Paris”, F-AZLT

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Morane-Saulnier MS 760 “Paris”, F-AZLT

On 26 January 1953, Morane-Saulnier flew the prototype MS 755 ‘Fleuret’, a two-seater side-by-side jet trainer, which was the unfortunate competitor to the Fouga Magister in an official order from the French state. Although it was eliminated, the Fleuret was used as the basis for the Morane-Saulnier MS 760 “Paris”, the firm having turned to a four-seat fast liaison version. 
This aircraft, first called the “Fleuret II” and later renamed the “Paris”, can be considered the world’s first business “jet” and also the first military transport jet. 
The initial prototype took to the air on 29 July 1954, and 117 production aircraft were subsequently produced, including 26 for the French Air Force, 14 for the French Naval Aviation, 9 for the C.E.V. (Centre d’Essais en Vol), 12 for Argentina, 30 for Brazil (including 10 liaison, 12 training and 8 photo reconnaissance aircraft), and 26 orders from civilian, private or state customers. 
The Morane-Saulnier MS “Paris” is a high-performance and manoeuvrable aircraft, with maximum stall safety and compressibility. It was adopted by the Escuadrilla Aguila, the Escadrilla de los Aigles of the Argentine Air Force and the Esquadrilla da Fumaça of the Brazilian acrobatic patrol. 
From 1982 onwards, the civilian aircraft in service in the United States were modified into the Paris Jet IV, with new equipment. 
In June 1997, after 38 years of loyal service, the French Naval Aviation Authority retired its MS 760 “Paris”. A well-deserved retirement for this robust and reliable aircraft of which the Navy deplores only two serious accidents. 
Ordered on 18 July 1956, the 14 MS “Paris” for the Aéronavale were delivered from 9 February 1959.
Its disposal was initiated in September 1997 with the Aéronautique Navale and the aircraft concerned were withdrawn from operational service on 6 October 1997. Only seven of them were in flying condition.
Only seven of them were in flying condition. Of the 14 aircraft delivered to the Aéronautique Navale, eight were still in service in 1997.
Many of these aircraft are still in service around the world, (115 machines out of a total of 157 built were still flying in 1989). 

The MS 760 N° 32 is currently the only one in flying condition in France.
The main characteristics of the MORANE SAULNIER 760 PARIS : 
Number of seats: 4
Wingspan : 10 m.
Autonomy : 2 hours.
Engines: 2 Marboré 2C3 engines of 400 kg thrust.
Cruising speed : 450 km/h. Translated with (free version)

Immatriculation : F-AZLT
Opérateur : Aéropassion
Date de fabrication : 1959