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This aircraft, originally a Lim-1, was produced in 1953 at WSK-Mielec and joined the Polish Air Force that year. It served with the 25th Fighter Aviation Regiment until 1958, when it was converted to an SBLim-1 (MiG-15UTI) and given the serial number 006.

In 1974, it was transferred to the 17th Air Force Command Aviation Squadron in Poznan and later to the 32nd Tactical and Artillery Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment in 1979. After an overhaul and conversion to SBLim-2 in 1980, it served with the 38th Training-Combat Aviation Regiment and underwent another overhaul in 1987.

Post-overhaul, it joined the Polish Navy and later the 7th Special Aviation Regiment. After its military service, it was sold to the Polish Eagles Foundation, receiving civil registration SP-YNZ.

Based at Biala Podlaska Airport from 2012 to 2019, it participated in the Plzen-Line Airshow in 2012 and was repainted back to its original Polish Air Force colors. In December 2019, it was bought by Fundacja Eskadra and moved to Mielec Airport, then to Warsaw Modlin Airport in April 2020, where it still flies as SP-UTI.

Pilot: Mateusz Strama
Manufacturing date: 1953
Livery: Polish Air Force