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The Hawker Hunter jet fighter was designed in the early 1950s. It made its first flight on 20 July 1951. Mass production followed quickly, and the Hunter joined the Royal Air Force alreadỳ in 1955.
A total of 1,927 Hunter aircraft were produced up to 1975 in Britain and 445 under licence in the Benelux. The aircraft served in 19 air forces around the world. In Switzerland it was used from 1958 to 1994.

The aircraft operated́ by the Amici is a former two-seater MK68 of the Swiss Air Force, which was intended for electronic warfare (jamming), ground attack, and other various training. The side-by-side configuration, pilot and passenger, is very popular for maiden flights.

Immatriculation : HB-RVR
Opérateur : Amici Del'Hunter
Pilote : Eric Hauert
Livrée : Swiss Air Force