MS505 Criquet (Fieseler Storch), F-BEJF

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MS505 Criquet (Fieseler Storch), F-BEJF

The Fieseler 156 Storch is an astonishing machine capable of taking off in less than 65 m, landing in about 20 metres and standing almost motionless in the air against the wind.

Born from a project dating back to 1935, accepted after testing by the Luftwaffe in 1937, it was used for liaison, observation, transport of the wounded, commando missions and served on all fronts throughout the war. After the war in France, Morane-Saulnier built Storches which they called Criquet.

Immatriculation : F-BEJF
Opérateur : Association des Mécaniciens Pilotes d’Aéronefs Anciens (AMPAA)
Livrée : Luftwaffe