Dassault MD312 Flamant, F-AZZR

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Dassault MD312 Flamant, F-AZZR

@ Nicolas Jarry
@ Nicolas Jarry

In June 1945, the French Air Force issued an invitation to tender for a liaison aircraft equipped with two Lorraine Béarn engines. Marcel Dassault took over the work carried out by Bordeaux-Aéronautique (BA 30 project) during the German occupation and modified it. In July 1946, two prototypes were ordered by the Army:
The first production MD 315 (Flamant I) was accepted on 27 February 1949 by the French Air Force, which gave the aircraft its name. This initial version was followed by other variants:
– The MD 312 (Flamant II), with dual controls for pilot training, which made its first flight on 27 April 1950,
– The MD 311 (Flamant III), with a glass nose for navigation and bombing training, which made its first flight on 29 March 1948.
Officially put into service in 1951, the Flamant was used by the French Air Force until 1983, when it was replaced by Embraer EMB-121 Xingu in its role as a training aircraft.
Also in 1951, the French ceded some Flamants to equip the new Vietnamese army of Emperor Bảo Đại, their ally against the Vietminh in the Indochina War.
In the 1950s, Dassault developed several prototypes for the civilian market: MD 316X, MD 316T and MD 312B between 1952 and 1954). However, no orders were obtained for these versions.

The Flamant presented here is number 240 and is the result of a 10-year restoration.

Operator: Albert Vintage Aircraft
Pilot: Frédéric Baran
Manufacturing date: 1956
Serial number: 240
Livery: Armée de l'Air