CAC Boomerang

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CAC Boomerang

The Commonwealth CAC Boomerang was the only fully Australian-designed aircraft used in World War II.
At the start of the Pacific War, the Royal Australian Air Force had only 175 fighters, moreover, of outdated design.
Unable to obtain aircraft from the British or the Americans, who were already under production pressure, the Australians decided to design their own model.
The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation then produced under licence the CAC Wirraway, derived from the North American NA-33, a training aircraft which would become famous under the name of T-6 Texan.
Lawrence Wacket, chief engineer of the CAC, designed an aircraft based on the NA-33, equipping it with a 1200 hp engine, more than twice as powerful.
The CAC Boomerang, easy to handle and easy to pilot, proved to be a great success. Operational from October 1942, it was not replaced in its role of interceptor until the arrival of more efficient fighters from the United Kingdom and the United States, at the end of 1943.
It remained operational, however, proving to be an excellent tactical support aircraft for ground troops, and distinguished itself in this role until the end of the war.

This aircraft, unique in Europe, is one out of the two replicas built by « Sanders Aeronautics » in California during the 1990s. an authentic CA-13 central section (n° « A46-139 ») was combined with modified T6 wings and rear fuselage section.

Type d'avion : Fighter
Immatriculation : NX32CS
Livrée : Australian Air Force