AT-11 Kansan

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AT-11 Kansan

The AT-11 was the USAAF’s standard bomber trainer during the Second World War; around 90% of the USAAF’s 45,000 or so bombers trained on AT-11s. Like the C-45 and AT-7, the Kansan was a military version of the Beechcraft Model 18, a commercial transport aircraft. Modifications included a transparent nose, bomb bay, internal bomb racks and provision for flexible cannons for gunnery training.

Student bombers normally dropped 100lb training bombs filled with sand. In 1943, the USAAF established a minimum proficiency standard of 22% hits on target for trainees. Typical combat training missions required continuous evasive action within a 10-mile radius of the target, with straight and level final approaches lasting no more than 60 seconds. After 30 September 1943, the AT-11 usually carried a Norden Bombsight and a C-1 autopilot, which allowed the student bomber to guide the aircraft during the bomb run.

The aircraft sat unused for 15 years at the Monte Vista Municipal Airport in Colorado, until a Californian collector bought it in 2015 and restored it to flying condition. As befits a bombing trainer aircraft, it is equipped with fully functional bomb doors, eight dummy bombs in the fuselage bomb carrier and a real Norden bomb sight located in the bomb sight position.
It is now based in Germany, as part of the Luftraum Sued collection.

Aircraft type: Fighter
Operator: Luftraum Sued
Manufacturing date: 1943
Serial number: 4616 - 42-37620 USAAF